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G.R.Associates, Inc. was founded September 1995 in Tokyo by Yoshitake Fujikawa with the vision, at the outset, to provide investment banking/financial advisory services to corporate entities looking to expand in the overseas market and/or diversify their businesses in Japan.

A decade ago, G.R.Associates, Inc. began to focus solely on M&A related transactions. Well-connected to Japanese corporates, we help find acquisition candidates overseas on behalf of Japanese entities wishing to make an inroad into and/or to strengthen their operations in the overseas market. G.R.Associates, Inc. is also representing foreign entities trying to identify strategic partners in Japan.

Also well-connected to banking, industry, and government estalishments, G.R.Associates, Inc. has ready access to key executives in financial institutions, major trading houses, corporates, and Japanese ministries. This network is complemented by independent consultants who work regularly with us to provide gateways to significant contacts, particularly in the arena of financial advisory work.

To ramp up its capacity to source clients worldwide, G.R.Associates, Inc. has formed strategic partnerships with Barnard/Montague Capital Advisors and Wood Warren & Co., US investment banking firms that service middle-market companies for M&A advisory work and equity/debt financing (For more detail, please see the PARTNERS section).

G.R.Associates, Inc. uses a hands-on approach throughout its relationship with clients--listening to you, understanding your goals, developing your plan, and carrying out your objectives. Our positive outcomes are built on a foundation of competence and mutual trust.