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G.R.Associates, Inc. is an M&A advisory firm specializing in cross border transactions with particular expertise and experience in representing Japanese companies with buy-side transactions.

Uniquely poised to help Japanese entities succeed in the world market, we draw on a distinctive blend of skills and resources. These are analytical/financial expertise, marketing/management savvy, multicultural understanding, ground breaking know-how, fluency in English and Japanese, and an extensive network of business and professional contacts worldwide.

G.R.Associates, Inc. is increasingly taking on the challenge of identifying Japanese medium-small business entities looking for successors for their businesses, finding not only business partners, including strategic overseas investors, but also arranging MBO, EBO, etc. to meet predecessor interests.

To determine if we can be of specific help and support to you, we invite you to get to know, more concretely and more comprehensively, who we are, what we do, and how we work.

Yoshitake Fujikawa
Yoshitake Fujikawa
G.R.Associates, Inc