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The G.R.Associates, Inc. team is credentialed with degrees, experienced in dealing with the United States, Europe, and Asia, and has background in working for and with foreign entities in Japan.

On the international scene, G.R.Associates, Inc. has developed a vital network of independent consultants/international strategists/mentors in the United States and Europe. With their extensive affiliations, these professionals help identify acquisition candidates, particularly in the U.S. and the UK.. Also, G.R.Associates, Inc. is prepared to help Japanese companies trying to find partners in the Asian market.

On the domestic scene, G.R.Associates, Inc. has ready access to key executives in financial institutions, major trading houses, corporates, and Japanese ministries. G.R.Associates, Inc. is ready to identify acquisition candidates, joint venture partners, and strategic partners in the Japanese market.

Our in-house team is enhanced by a rich network of more than twenty independent consultants, five of whom are regular complements to our core personnel in Japan and the U.S. These specialists act as additional portals to critical contacts, particularly in the area of M&A advisory work.